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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tree Pruning Waukesha | Prunning the right way

There are many types of proper tree pruning as well as a myriad of reasons to do so.

There are two basic rules for pruning, with the first being the best time of year to prune is the latter part of winter, or just before growth begins in early spring.
Time of year is probably the most critical element of proper tree pruning.
If trees are pruned during dormancy (when the trees are asleep), they suffer less stress when cuts are made. Dormancy is when the trees have shed their leaves and have experienced a frost. This allows the tree to heal faster when spring arrives and the growing season begins.
Cuts made out of season can induce stress on the tree, possibly leading to further problems. While an improper pruning cut will only make matters worse.
The second basic rule for proper pruning is that broken limbs or branches, as well as diseased or dead wood can be removed at any time of year.
Once any of the symptoms are present, they should usually be addressed as quickly as possible.
Diseased limbs may spread throughout the tree and dead/broken limbs may fall at any time causing injury or possibly even death.
If you have any concerns regarding proper pruning for your tree, call us and arrange an appointment any time so that we may assess your pruning needs. This will allow us to place you on our dormant list, so that we can arrange a schedule.
Proper pruning is a "limited time only" or seasonal type of work and should be coordinated likewise.

Five good reasons to Prune a Tree

  • Remove Dead branches
  • Eliminate hazards, i.e. broken or hanging limbs
  • Remove crowded or rubbing limbs
  • Pedestrian clearance, i.e. limbs too low (raise canopy)
  • Limbs interfering with power lines or structures Green Man Tree & Landscape Services Serving Milwaukee and Surrounding areas 414-301-9807 Waukesha Tree Services, Tree Removal, Mulch, Landscaping and wood products. All trees & wood by-products removed from your property will be reused to make fine furniture, firewood or re-purposed into high quality compost and soil for gardeners.