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Friday, August 2, 2013

Mulching tips and uses for Waukesha | Waukesha Mulch

Got mulch? You can use less water and improve the health of your trees and plants by using a layer of mulch, three to four inches deep, around your trees. Instead of having your “yard waste” hauled away, you can mulch by simply allowing fallen leaves and other plant matter to stay on the ground.

Here's how to mulch:

1. Make or obtain mulch

To make your own: When you prune trees, you can chip the non-diseased branches into mulch using a chipper or your own pruning tools. Chippers will work on branches up to 3 inches in diameter. You can purchase or rent one from home improvement stores or equipment rental businesses.  Or Contact Green Man Tree Services and we can do this for you.

Do not use grass clippings as mulch around plants. They smother the soil and do not allow oxygen to get into the soil. Compost your grass clippings instead.

Under existing trees and shrubs, allow the leaves and branches to fall and stay on the soil. Do not rake them up and throw them away, unless they are diseased.

2. Remove weeds

Remove weeds from around the base of the tree before mulching.

3. Break up the soil

If the soil surface is highly compacted, break up the surface using a metal rake or shovel before mulching.

4. Place the mulch

Place a 3- to 4-inch layer of mulch around the tree. Keep the mulch at least 2 inches away from the base of the tree. If possible, mulch all the way out to the dripline (the dripline is the area that reaches out from the trunk and extends to the end of the branches). Be sure to mulch over the berm if you've created one around your tree.

Additional mulching tips & resources

  • Tree pruning and landscape maintenance companies are another good source for mulch. Call Green Man Wood Services in Milwaukee and Waukesha at 414-301-9807.
  • Do not buy sawdust or wood shavings for mulch. These won’t allow enough air into the soil.
  • Wood or bark chips work best when they are between one and three inches in size. Pieces smaller than that can smother the soil and do not allow enough oxygen to get into the soil. Larger pieces get kicked around or can cause tripping.

Green Man Tree & Landscape Services Serving Waukesha and Surrounding areas 414-301-9807 Waukesha Tree Services, Tree Removal, Mulch, Landscaping and wood products. All trees & wood by-products removed from your property will be reused to make fine furniture, firewood or re-purposed into high quality compost and soil for gardeners.


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  3. Wow, I never knew how easy it was to make your own mulch! As the Spring season progresses, I need to start getting my soil rich in nutrients. I loved learning how to mulch from this blog! These are really easy to follow and understand.
    Celine |

  4. Breaking up the soil is so important! That lets the oxygen and nutrients dance together. I've been looking for some ways to get my garden looking better. Maybe I should get my trees trimmed.

  5. Breaking up soil also lets nitrogen into it. Mulch can cover ground without depriving soil of nitrogen. Wood chips, for instance, cover ground but leave plenty of space for airflow.

  6. Don't use grass as mulch? My father told me when I mowed the lawn, every now and then to not use a bag, so it would mulch the grass. Is what my dad said bad info, or can you only mulch grass with other grass? That was a weird sentence to make grammatically correct.