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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Value of Shade Trees to your Wallet | Green Man Tree Service Milwaukee

The Christian Science Monitor’s “The Simple Dollar” blog this week touts the value shade trees can bring to both the wallet and the quality of a neighborhood.
Contributor Trent Hamm notes the difference he observed between the “slow-growing” tree in part of his house and “beautiful shade tree” in his neighbors yard that provides countless benefits just twelve years after being planted. Noting the shade from his neighbor’s tree makes gardening easier in his own yard, Hamm added:
For them, it’s even better. For a good portion of the morning, the tree provides shade to the back of their house. It keeps the hot rays of the morning sun from going in their windows, enabling them to throw open those windows for fresh air without worrying about the heat of the sun and keeping them from running their air conditioning until a bit later in the day than they otherwise would.
He goes to discuss many of the benefits of trees we talk about all of the time here the Foundation: lower energy bills, higher property values and chance to literally watch your own investment grow into something great. He also adds the important caveats about planting the right tree in the right place, and doing one’s homework prior to digging.
The whole piece is available here.

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