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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tree Disease | Waukesha Tree Services

 There are hundreds of different tree diseases that can attack a tree in Milwaukee.  Green Man Tree Services of Waukesha can help you figure out what is attacking your trees and how to treat them.

Symptoms of Tree Disease
Common symptoms of tree disease include dead or hanging branches, rotten wood or cavities in the trunk or roots, major splits, fungal fruiting bodies at the base, and the presence of insects. Many of these symptoms are obvious signs that something is wrong, but insects can be kind of tricky. You should identify the insect before you start to worry. Some insects are actually good for your tree. Ladybugs eat aphids, for example. If you're not sure if something is harming your tree, it's probably best to play it safe and talk to an arborist.

Root Decay
Root decay can cause all kinds of havoc for your tree. Most people know that roots provide all sorts of functions for plants, in general. They extract water and nutrients from the ground and anchor the tree to the ground. A tree suffering from root decay is significantly more likely to be felled from a wind storm. Often, the only way to detect root decay is from broken roots (if they're visible) or the presence of fungus. The size of a fungal growth is not indicative of root damage. Even a small fungal growth can destroy an entire root system. If root decay is extensive, often little can be done for a tree, but keep in mind what caused the root decay in the first place and plant more wisely for your next tree.
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